Canterbury Martial Arts for ages 12-14 years, beginners welcome.

Days and Times

Monday – 6:00-7:00pm

Thursday – 6:00-7:00pm

Saturday – 10:00-11:30am

Talk Cadets

What is Cadets all about ?

Cadets are similar to our Kids Zone classes however we separate older and more advanced juniors so that they can develop within their own age groups.

Our Cadets program focuses on 3 different skill sets that create a well rounded Freestyle Martial Artist.  We focus on teaching Karate, Kickboxing and Sport Martial Arts along with a fitness program that will aid strength and condition whilst improving cardiovascular.

Our syllabus is designed for beginners and advanced, focused on rewarding our cadets with new skills and drills as they progress through the grades.  All our programs are designed for both recreational and competition training so whatever you and your child are hoping to get out of studying Martial Arts, you can rest assured that we’ve got it covered!

The Fusion gym has a fully kitted boxing gym with a large boxing ring, heavy & light speed bags, and a selection of weights and cardio equipment to make sure you have all that is needed to enjoy and learn the sport and the conditioning involved…

What will you learn ?

Canterbury Cadets is not all about punching and kicking, your child will find new inner strength and a love for the sport.

Each class is different, your child won’t be hitting the bag for the entire lesson, nor will they be left to their own device.  Canterbury Cadets structures its classes in 4 simple stages:

  • Warm-up & Stretch 
  • Skill Set 1 (Technical learning)
  • Skill Set 2 (Partner Pad/Bag work)
  • An endurance drill to finish

Technical learning, learn multi combinations, movement and defence whilst building up your confidence to move onto partner drills with pads and bags.

Equipment commonly used in our classes, at the beginning:

  • 10oz Boxing Gloves
  • Focus Pads
  • Skipping rope

Then once competency is raised:

  • Head guard
  • Gum shield 
  • Groin guard
  • Shin pads
  • Kick boots
  • Trousers & Tshirt

If you’re looking to boost your child’s core strength, and improve their cardiovascular and all over condition, then this is the right class. Why not book a free trial and see how they get on…

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What will I need for the trial?

Simply arrive in loose-fitting clothes with no zips or buttons (joggers and t-shirt). Please bring a bottle of water and a sweat towel.  That’s it, for the trial session we can lend you the gloves and pads needed.

  • What happens when I book a trial?

After you have booked a trial, you will receive an email confirmation and our coaches will be expecting you.  Please do contact us if you can no longer attend your booking, so we can release the session for someone else.

  • What happens after the trial?

After your trial, you are given the option to join one of our memberships plans and become an active member with Fusion Martial Arts & Fitness. However, if Fusion is not for you then that’s it and we thank you for trialling with us.

When you join us, you will be sent a download link to our member’s app.  In this app, you will have access to our live timetable where you can book or cancel classes within your membership and have access to a host of material related to our academy.

  • Will I need my own equipment after the trial?

Once you have completed your trial and decided you would like to join, then you will need to invest in your own personal equipment. For Cadets, you will need

  • 10oz boxing gloves
  • Focus Pads
  • Skipping rope

All of this can be purchased on our Shop page. Please do not buy cheap Boxing gloves, they are protective equipment and should be of good quality.  This is to keep you and your partners safe in training.

After a month of training, you will then need to buy your Sparring equipment.  Don’t worry about that right now, a full list of equipment will be emailed to you once you become a member.

  • How many times a week should I train?

We recommend twice a week as a minimum.  This will allow you to keep up the skills sets and memory muscles needed to learn the syllabus and keep improving.  In time you will need the skills for Grading and Sparing. Any less than twice a week greatly impacts development and motivation.

If you’re looking to compete then we would be looking for 3 to 4 sessions weekly. We offer additional classes for competitors, as and when competitions have been set.