About Us

Darren Stevens, founder and head coach at Fusion, has been training and teaching in combat sports for over 3 decades. The Fusion academy in Canterbury was born in 2010 with classes at school halls and community centres around the city.

In October 2012 Fusion opened its first full time training ground in the city, a 3.000 sq ft facility dedicated to Martial Arts and combat sports complete with Boxing Ring, over 15 speed & power bags, fully kitted weights selection and conditioning equipment not to mention our bespoke 15ft of strength & conditioning frame and a huge fully matted ground for standup training.

At Fusion we aim to provide an environment where everyone can fulfil their potential. That means committing to our students and we expect the same commitment in return. We train to a level that will push you hard and you will see the results; failure has no place in the Fusion DoJo.

In martial arts, as in life, there is always something new to learn, so whether your a complete beginner or an experienced black belt Fusion will help you learn and grow. Respect, restraint and avoiding aggression are all central to a constructive Martial Arts environment and we will always ensure our students learn these vital life skills. Fusion trains hard, without aggression, without excuses and always with respect.

  • At Fusion we dont belive in failure , continuous training with the right support
  • Train hard without excuses or reason to fail
  • From begginer to black belt there is always something new to learn
  • Provide a common ground to train; it’s for the whole family
  • Traditional martial arts discipline respected by all members
  • No one style is king, simply blended works

With the support, dedication and belief of our students and their families, Fusion has grown from strength to strength in its early years and thrives today…