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Our classes can be very popular however with one of our trial packages, you are GUARANTEED the sessions you want to book…


4 sessions in Cadets classes
£ 50
One Off Payment
  • 4 Session in our Cadets (12-14yrs)
  • Access to our members only APP
  • All equipment supplied for the trial


8 sessions in Cadets classes
£ 99
One Off Payment
  • 8 Session in our Cadets (12-14yrs)
  • FREE club uniform when you become a full member
  • 20% off our sparring kits
  • Access to our members only APP
  • All equipment supplied for the trial
Value Pack


2 sessions in Cadets classes
£ 30
One Off Payment
  • 2 Session in our Cadets (12-14yrs)
  • Access to our booking APP
  • All equipment supplied for the trial

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About Us

Darren Stevens, founder and head coach at Fusion, has been training, competing and teaching in combat sports for over 3 decades.

in 2010 Darren built a truly bespoke Martial Arts gym in the heart of Canterbury, a facility kitted out with the best equipment for our athletes.

Fusion not only teach Martial Arts but it provides a base for its members to truly become champions for life…

For fitness, defence or competition, we have the team to get your child to their objectives

Why Choose Us

Our classes are action packed and full of content meaning your child will not be easily board.  Our team consist of active and current champions in our sport and they are focused on helping develop that next champion.

Your child will learn to build on core skills such as:

Parent Testimonials

My son has attended fusion since just before his 5th birthday. Hes thrived, grown in confidence and made fantastic long life friends. I truly believe that fusion has had so much of a positive effect on his life that he couldn’t be without it now. He has a great relationship with his sensei and has the upmost respect for the sport. It was the best thing we ever did and we will continue to support him in his journey with fusion . If anyone is looking for a place to send children or even join as adults then this is your place. It’s a hard working respectful club and keeping youths off the street and even teaching young women and even men how to protect themselves. Can’t wait to see what the future hold for our son who has come so far already.
Our son has been attending fusion for years and it has been a huge part of his upbringing, it’s introduced discipline and fitness. He’s had two competitions this year, both of which he has won his fights and another coming up. We look at Darren and his family like an extension of our own family and won’t be long until our next little treasure is welcomed into the world of MMA.
My daughter has been attending Fusion since she was 4yrs old. She is now 13 and still fighting fit. Despite her medical set backs her training has helped with these. Namely her breathing, stamina, core strength and flexibility. She hadn't really seen any of these as its a process that takes time and dedication. Until she started cheer and these traits were clear for all to see. Upon receiving much praise for these abilities she saw for the first time just what Fusion had given her. Not to mention the mental stability, self confidence, punctuality, understanding of giving and receiving respect. Just to name a few. Fusion is not just about being able to take care of yourself in a physical situation but also being given the tools to confidently tackle Any situation. My daughter has become an incredible young woman. Never judemental. Never abusive. The first to help and the last to leave. Thank you Fusion Martial Arts. The concrete pillar on which she stands.


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