What you need to join...

If you are thinking of booking a trial with us for yourself or your child, please find below some important information about joining our classes.

What you need to attend the classes, once a member?

  • Loose fitting clothing (No zips please)
  • Boxing gloves (please see below for size guide)
  • Focus pads
  • Skipping rope
  • Towel
  • Bottle of water

Boxing Glove size requirements

  • Little Dragons – 8oz
  • Kids Zone – 8-10oz
  • Cadets – 10oz
  • Adults 14-16oz (sparring 16oz)

Who can attend the classes?

Anyone from the age of 5 to 65 can train with Fusion, so long as you have the “can do” attitude and like to be pushed to your full potential.

  • Children aged 5-7 Lil Dragons
  • Juniors aged 8-11 Kids Zone
  • Juniors aged 12-14 Cadets
  • Adult aged 15 to 65

What happens after the trial?

  • Insurance and Licensing:
    • Once you have finished your trial and would like to join Fusion, all our memberships include Martial Arts & contact sports insurance. It is a regulation to have contact insurance when practicing and competing in contact sports. Our policy to our members is due on sign up and renewable annually.
  • Membership:


    • All our memberships are monthly, we do not accept pay as you go.  Please contact us for more delatils about our membership plans and special offers.
  • Protective equipment:

Once a full time member, it’s imperative you have full protective equipment at the beginning of your membership. We take safety seriously at Fusion and demand all students be safe during any contact training.

    • Kickboxing: Head Guard, Gum Shield, Boxing Gloves, Groin Guard, Shin Guard and Kick Boots.
    • Boxing: Head Guard, Gum Shield, Boxing Gloves, Groin Guard
  • Uniform:

In keeping with our competition rules we have a club uniform

    • Kickboxing, Trousers and T-shirt
    • Boxing, Boxing shorts & Vest/T-shirt
    • K1, Shorts and T-shirt, competing in bare chest (male)