Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions and answers.  We like to be honest upfront so that you get a real picture before you commit to training with us.

Memberships Q&A

  • Can I book a Free session?

We no longer offer free taster sessions, our trial packs give you so much more choice and will give you more options to try out more classes before you become a full member.

  • How do I book a trial?

It’s easy to book a trial with Fusion, take a look at the age group you would like to try, there you will find a range of trial packages you can purchase before becoming a full member.  

  • What happens when I book a trial pack?

Once you have purchased a trial pack you will receive an email to download our members app, here you will see our live timetable where you can book onto session in your chosen trial.    You will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of your booking, once booked.

We ask that you turn up to the class no earlier that 10min before your booking is due to start.  Please wait in the car park until the previous classes have exited from the facility. 

Please note that due to the nature of our classes we cannot allow late arrivals. Due to limited space, we ask you to come dressed ready to train.

  • What will I need for the trial?

For your trial you will not need any special equipment, we will provide this for you. All we ask is that you bring a bottle of water, a sweat towel and loose fitting clothes without zips or buttons.

  • What happens after the trial?

After your trial, you are given the option (in the app) to join one of our membership plans and become an active member with Fusion Martial Arts & Fitness. However, if Fusion is not for you then that’s it and we thank you for trialling with us.

  • How much dose it cost to become a member?

Our prices are standard across all our programs however vary depending on how many times a week you would like to train.  Session can be as little as £6.87, the more you train the less the sessions will cost. We value commitment to change and improve:

  1. Gold – £18.75pw – 8 sessions in your chosen program
  2. Platinum – £22.50pw – 12 session in your chosen program
  3. Max – £27.50pw – 16 session across all our programs 
All memberships are billed 4 weekly and new session added on the anniversary of your joining.
  • Do you offer pay as you go?

Fusion does not offer pay as you go membership. The inconsistency that this brings is disruptive to our core members.

  • Is there a membership fee?

Yes, Fusion has a yearly membership and insurance premium of £30.  This is due on sign up and renewed annually (This is subject to change in line with insurance policies).

  • Do you offer private training and small groups

As well as classes we do offer one2one and small group training in a range of our disciplines, day and night. We have a number of Personal Trainers and Coaches to pair you with. Our costs start from £40 per booking however vary depending on time and level of coaching required.

  • What does Fusion teach?

Fusion Martial Arts is a Freestyle academy teaching Kickboxing, Boxing recreational and Amateur and Sport Karate.

For the kids we blend the classes to give variety and mixed ability.   For adults we also offer Boxercise circuits and many other Fitness based classes. Please see our timetable for classes offered.

  • What does a class look like in Fusion?

We start with a warmup, a set of exercises designed to aid mobility and cardio, followed by flexibility drills to stretch you ready to train.  

Once you’re warmed up and stretched we will then pair you off with a partner or equipment and teach you a set of skills and drills to learn and improve, this could be partner striking, blocking, takedowns, timed endurance drills, sparring or syllabus and grading prep.

Then a cool down to end the class.

  • What age groups does Fusion teach?

Fusion teaches from age 5 years and up.  Little Dragons 5-7yrs, Kids Zone 8-11yrs, Cadets 12-14yrs and Adults 15 plus.  We sometimes move children up or down a class depending on individual needs and ability.

  • Where is Fusion located?

Our HQ and fully equipped centre is located at 254E Broad Oak Road, Canterbury, CT2 7QH. Some classes may be hosted in sports halls, please see the timetable for details.

  • Do I need to get fit before joining in?

This is a common question and the answer is No.  You can start with Fusion regardless of your fitness level.  All we ask is that you are willing to do what is asked to learn and improve. 

  • What if I have an injury or medical condition?

This all depends on the nature of the injury.  The health and safety of our members is a priority for us.  

When you sign up for a trial you are requested to fill out a simple medical form, a ParQ.  Please detail your situation in the form and we will help advise you.  It maybe you need a doctor’s agreement to train with us however this is quite rare.  We have a wealth of experience in coaching individuals with a variety of medical conditions and injuries and will work with you to agree a training program that meets your needs.

  • Is there a lengthy contract?

Absolutely not. When you join you simply pay for 1 month in advance via direct debit. This is all set up for you after your trial. All we ask is that you give us one month’s notice should you feel the need to cancel or suspend your membership.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a 10% discount on annual membership paid in advance.

  • How many times a week should I train?

We suggest a minimum of twice a week to maximise your efforts, however if you’re looking at competition level training then more is better.

  • What equipment will I need once a member?

Once you’re a member we ask you invest in the academy uniform suitable for the classes you attend.  You will need to start collecting your sparring equipment, this is only if you’re in a contact sport membership.  If you’re in a fitness class, then this does not apply to you.

Sparring equipment contains: Head guard, Gum shield, Breast protection for females, Groin guard, Shin pads and Kick boots.  This is all mandatory for contact training and is part of our insurance policy to keep all our members safe. We aim for all new members to have this equipment within the first couple of weeks.

  • What contact will I have to be involved in?

This depends on your membership.  if you selected a fitness program then very little contact would be involved, not much more than pad holding.  If you selected Kickboxing, Boxing or any of our Martial Arts programs, then a level of contact would be expected but don’t worry we would not expect anyone to spar above their capability.

  • Can I train for competition?

Indeed, you can.  We teach competition level combat sports and offer additional training for anyone who wants to fight competitively.  However, be prepared to put the work in as you will not be selected to fight unless your commitment to training is consistent.

We attend some of the biggest competitions around and compete in Light Contact, Full Contact, Points and sport Boxing. 

  • What happens with Gradings

At Fusion we offer a Freestyle grading syllabus and grade 2 or 3 times a year.  This does not mean one student will grade in all the gradings as our grading is related to amount of time training and the ability, effort and progress of the student.  We are a black belt academy and only grade to a high standard. Gradings start from £25 and gradually increase over your journey. The first grading will take approx. 1hour, as you go up the grades the time in grading increases.


Please note that any FAQ are all correct at the time of distribution however the Terms & Conditions agreed in signing up to Fusion Martial Arts & Fitness take precedent and supersede any document issued. You can find a copy of the T&C in your Members app.