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Fusion has given my Son a real focus. This is a discipline that provides self belief, endurance and respect. Importantly Sensei Darren makes the classes fun which is great for kids!

Charlotte Hampson

Sensei Darrens knowledge, enthusiasm and energy is inspiring. Our kids thoroughly enjoy the lessons, whilst learning some very important and fundamental life skills. The children would go every day if they could!

Derek Bevan

Very knowledgeable, respectful and supportive - Darren is a brilliant Sensei taking real care whilst also pushing you to your limits and beyond... A great training atmosphere and well worth each penny and every drop of sweat

J Spooner

I have been to a few other kickboxing and muay Thai gyms before, and I can honestly say that this is the best by far I have been to, Darren knows exactly what to do and how to do it, pushes you to your limits and beyond, worth every penny!!

Avi karia

I have only recently attended Darrens all women fitness classes and have found them to be brilliant. Its hard work but worth every minute. Darrens instructions are clear and he understands that all who attend are at different fitness levels. The kick boxing element of the class is great and Darren again explains in detail what to do. I would highly recommend Darren and his ALL WOMENS fitness class to every woman out there who needs and wants to improve on their fitness.

Iris O

Fusion is the best thing I have been involved in for a very long time. It requires you have determination and a strong will as you will be putting in serious amounts of hard work. BUT the rewards you will reap are second to none; a healthy and fit body as well as tuition from 3 disciplines of martial arts. There is great variety in the classes; I have never been to 2 classes in a row with the same exercises or technique drills. This ensures there is always something new to learn.

Andy Smith

Fusion is a great place to get fit whilst learning martial arts. Sensei Darren is an excellent coach who makes sure you work hard but also takes the time to ensure you get the right tuition in terms of technique etc! I would recommend fusion to anyone!

Sean Kehoe

Fusion is great. It seems to be the perfect combination of martial arts and fitness. I'm feel i am learning so much while also getting ridiculously fit. So much better than hours spent monotonously in the gym. The only downside is that i wish i'd started it sooner. I coud write so much more but i think you should come and find out for yourself .

Joe Bufton

Fusion is definitley in a league of its own. I used to go the gym a few times a week, but i found it dull and repetative. Fusion is different every class, you get a full body workout, its challenging, its fun and your always learning. Everyones supportive and Sensei Darrens is superb. Fusion covers a range of martial arts that i havnt seen anywhere else. reccomend to everyone and anyone!!

Sophia mw

I have been to a few kick boxing classes and this is by far the best class I have been to proper workout sessions and am still learning great technique Plus my stamina has improved loads now

Gordon W-D

Well where to start? i was thirty something who thought he was relatively fit with regular running and gym sessions, how wrong could i be..... i signed up to fusion and have never looked back since. I am fitter than i have ever been and learning martial arts at the same time. This club teaches you on more levels than you think you have. Why did i waste so many years???? i used to do judo in my youth and always felt i should of tried Karate, what a shame i never took the plunge then. Fusion is quite simply AWESOME. Not only in the subject matter but the way it is taught. Sensai Darren WILL get the best out of you and within a matter of weeks will know you better than you know yourself. I started at 36, if you think you can keep up, sign up.... i dare you ;-)

Colin Bullen

Fusion Martial Arts is by far one of the best martial arts clubs in the Canterbury area. The club is friendly and welcoming, which makes joining so much easier for newcomers. More importantly, Fusion boasts an experienced teacher (Darren Stevens) with years of experience; both theoretical and practical. Quite simply if you want to learn martial arts come down to Fusion ASAP!!

Adrian Abykd

I have recently signed up for Darren's all women fitness classes and I would highly recommend this class to every woman out there. Darren is a very good instructor and is very keen to help each individual to achieve their goals. The work is hard but well worth it, you only get back what you put in as they say so its good that you have someone there like Darren to give you that little extra push. Each week is slightly different and Darren and the rest of the woman in the class make everyone feel welcome and at ease. I would definately recommend this class and I look forward to returning each week.

Sam Douglas

This class is superb in every area, Darren is a great instructor and manages to get the best from everyone depending on what level of fitness they have. The class suits everyone, from someone with no experience and just keen on the fitness side of things through to the person who wants to be pushed to the max! Darren is the guy for the job! It's a pleasant atmosphere and a very welcoming class, everyone makes you feel welcome!! Come along and give it a go!!!

Hannah Bullen

Fusion is just great. Darren is a friendly, down to earth and inspirational Sensei. The variety of classes is second to none, along with the quality of teaching. I'm 18 and thought i was reasonably fit. However Darren has opened my eyes to what fitness really is. Everyone really gets stuck in and there is a very friendly atmosphere. Darren is there all the way keeping you motivated no matter what. I have achieved things i never thought i could. And most of all i have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Don't be shy and come along, you will only thank yourself afterwards.

Harry H

We have 3 of our children sighed up for the Fusion Martial Arts & Fitness Club which is good for many things :- self-confidence ,stamina improvement, fitness coordination and self defence ... Darren Stevens who is a outstanding Sensei , made it to a family focused martial arts club, promoting active lifestyles for children and Grown-up's through the martial arts class. Just come and see for your self .

Mary-lou Bovelle

I've been coming to Fusion since July and as part of the armed forces im use to training hard but at fusion its different, it gets you fit, tones and strengthens your whole body. It doesnt just work your body but it also grows you mentally. Coming from the military family to fusion, i have found Darren and his students very welcoming and have made me apart of their family which has a strong ethos and one that works for anybody no matter who or where you come from. I would recommend Sensei Darren's classes to everyone as he can take a large class yet work on each person with great precision allowing them to grow. In the next month Fusion will have there new venue which is allowing the fusion family to train full time and to there full potential with the additions of new kit and equipment. This club is truly for the family and once my little girl is 4 she will be attending the l'il dragons as sensei teaches the kids very will and gives them that structure and discipline that all families struggle with when they are out of are sites. Fusion is 100% the best martial arts and fitness club there is to date.

kristopher henderson

Having a small group of friends, doing a group fitness session has been fantastic! Darren will focus on whatever you want that particular week. Bums, Tums, Arms, anything you want. Darren makes you do exercises you didn't think you could possible do, but through motivation and determination you get to your goal. I would recommend anybody who wants to do, private lessons with Darren!! Best thing I ever did was getting involved!

Steph Hencher

I have been attending the Women's Only Class for just over a year, and there's a reason I keep coming back! Darren is a great instructor who pushes everyone to their limits so you get the most out of the class. It is not easy but you get out of it what you put in, and Darren is a fantastic motivator. The class is suited to everyone of different fitness levels and Darren and all the women who attend the class are supportive and welcoming. I would highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn kickboxing techniques and self-defense whilst focusing on building up fitness.

Ali Dempsey

I have been coming for a few months now and i absolutely love it....theres not a bad thing thing to say... its the only form of exercise that i really look forward to, even tho its really tough and it kills me!!!!! :) but it's a great all round workout for me and i ache in places i never knew i had!!!!....Darren is an amazing instructor and has great people skills, hes always made me feel welcome right from the start. 2 of my children also attend and he's brilliant with them too....they love it aswell. I'd always recommend fusion to anybody....its amazing x x

chanay craffey

I've been coming to Fusion for a few months now, after taking ages to get up the courage to try it out. And I wish i'd done it sooner! Everyone is so welcoming, and Sensei Darren is a great instructor who will get you achieving things you didn't even know you wanted to achieve. It's great for all round fitness and really helps to boost your confidence. I was only planning on going once a week, now I go three times...it's addictive!

Nell N

Witnessed our grandchildren at Fusion last week, they are Girls aged 4, 5, 6 and Grandson aged 7. I have to say I was very impressed from what I saw, not just the Martial arts aspect, but the fitness, discipline, respect, and inner confidence it gives the kids. Think instructor Darren has the balance exactly right, they do as they are told, respect him, and enjoyed some fun at the end. would highly recommend it .

Richard Purvis

Fusion martial arts is a great workout class, which is welcoming and friendly by Darren and the women in the class. Darren also helps you reach your own individual fitness targets, as well as open your eyes to all your new fitness targets you achived or geating better at; thanks to classes and a well motivated instructor. This class is a must to join!!

Emma Bowman